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We manage services and resources for meeting the needs of our clients.

The company provides a robust portfolio of IT disciplines in applications development, infrastructure, ERP, and telecom as well as project management and strategic planning. Our portfolio of clients include many Fortune 1000 companies and is indicative of our service-oriented mindset to earn, develop, and maintain our relationships through dedication, integrity and professionalism.

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We are focused on delivering resources on time to all our clients for meeting business requirements.

Offering services in the areas of setting up Data-Center, IT Infrastructure, End User support and assist in complete onboarding process of Systems.

We manage services and resources for meeting the needs of our clients in areas of Infrastructure and service transformation, Service desk support.

Our expertise with working on projects in areas of DevOps, Robotic Process Automation and offering cloud native solutions.

We help our clients with offering Cloud Adivisory Solutions, Cloud Migration and Implementing it as IaaS.

We are focused on delivering resources on-time to all our clients for meeting business requirements and for practical alignment of IT Systems.

WissenIT is one the leading IT solutions providers epxanding across diffrent verticals such as Health Care, Finance, Banking and Media.

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  • Immigration consultant, Information technology consulting
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant
  • Employment consultant Environmental consultant

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We are experts in implementing Devops practices as a culture at our client’s place for fatser developments and meet their customer expectations with continuous upgrades.

Application Development

Pioneered in areas of Application Development, Intergration and Modernization.


We are offering Automation solutions depending on the clients business models and automating repevtive business process in areas of consulting, Taxation, Insurence and Banking.

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