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About Us

WissenIT Group is an Information Technology Consulting and Staffing Firm. Over the course of years WissenIT Group has established itself as one of the premiere firms providing services to banking, financial, entertainment and insurance clients, among other industries. Our business model is designed to provide services to a few premiere clients in a joint partnership to enhance performance and delivery. Today, WissenIT Group model has evolved so that we are a complete solutions provider focused on the deployment of IT professionals in a rapid and efficient process.



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Core Principles & Values

WissenIT Group is in business to create value for our clients and honesty and service underlie all that we do. Honest, ethical behavior is the standard that we expect from our officers, other executives, employees and business partners. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is an integral part of the company’s Compliance Program, which is directed at ensuring compliance with the myriad rules, regulations and laws that apply to WissenIT Group.

We strongly believe in conducting ethical business practices and to build relationship with values among clients, employees and whoever join us for the growth of organization. Our value-based relationship makes employees to grow as business partners who continually striving hard in exhibiting their talents.